My week.

This week I have a desk again, it is nice! Here are some things I have on it to keep me happy - a wire wiggle, from the Christmas wreaths I made, and photos of my granny.PhotobucketAlso, a piece of purple sprouting that had started flowering, I got it at the grocers - it's pretty conclusive evidence that their stock is old but I wanted it so I bought it. PhotobucketThis week Paul was wearing a jacket that had a gusset fitted to it, this photo doesn't best show it but the photos I have that do are pretty indecent.PhotobucketI finally own a purse by Jill. She's a splendid regular at the market and very generous, I recently visited her studio and she taught me a lot about how to be a clever sausage in the world of making things.PhotobucketThe sun shone a little. PhotobucketI met a new dog and took her for a walk. PhotobucketAnd this weekend we went to Essex for a little holiday. PhotobucketTo Walton-on-the-Naze, a grimy seaside town that is incredibly dead - I can't think why with such charming murals as this one. PhotobucketWe walked about and had a play on the pier. I love a good pier, and by 'a good pier' I really mean 'a bad pier' because they are the best sort. This one suited me real good. PhotobucketI had a go in a very old robot machine (just managed to squidge in) that moved a little bit and made noises when you pressed buttons. Top fun. PhotobucketAnd Jack and Dave shot some zombies, my heroes! This is my favourite photo ever.
Essex is a funny place, there are a lot of stereotypes - those of you not from the U.K. can see for yourself here some of the customs and rituals of this particular British county. Dave told me it's also infamous for dog fights - proper nasty. But the only dogs I saw were tiny little yappy things, handbag dogs, they were everywhere! Even the owner of the campsite we stayed at, a man of sixty or so with a gold earring and tattoos, had two chihuahuas. Maybe he was training them up for a local dog fight - the featherweight division.
I like Essex in general, it's a beautiful place and doesn't feel pretentious. Going to a pub there can make one feel like a slob though - everyone seems so well turned out, everything's ironed and everyone's hair is always styled. It's pretty exhausting.
Essex folk know how to do a car boot sale mind, I bought loads of stuff. But that's another blog post all together . . .


  1. Two things about this lovely post...

    1) it's hilarious that you buy gone-off veggies because you like the flowers

    2) did you find any shark teeth at Walton on the Naze? I went to a friend's family beach hut a few years ago and they often get washed up along the shoreline. Sounds like the kind of activity that would be your bag!

  2. Dang! I would indeed love that! We have to go again anyway because we were too late to go up the Naze for tea - so at least I'll know for then. Thanks for the tip off, seems we're both quite good at retrospective holiday tips.

  3. I'd love to go there, I've spent time in Clacton on Sea, down the road (great charity shops!) similar flavour with a pier and the sea is gorgeous there, seems to warm up easily. If you dont fancy pukka pies it's hard to find nice food there, but for a few days, great fun, great seaside trashy stuff, love it. And there was a boot sale on a Thurs morn on the road into the town centre last time I went.

  4. True about the food! We had chips and donuts at Walton, alright for an afternoon but not much longer. Clacton boot sale sounds nifty. All those places could be so perfect to live if you could persuade twenty friends to move there with you - not to dismiss the local humans, there just aren't enough of them milling around.