Some splendid toot this week, a return to form for your gallant junk-hunter. My favourite thing has been a big wooden box stuffed with lots of little bits of wood . . .PhotobucketEach is stamped with the type of wood they are - educational and beautiful! Though, it has to be said that as wood ages it starts to look all a bit the same. PhotobucketPitch pine is the stripy wood, this is what I've learnt.  PhotobucketSecond favourite - a set of stonking Pyrex bowls, I love the ergonomic shape, handle and spout. PhotobucketAnd the pattern of gooseberries. Num, num, num. PhotobucketA french linen towel, which I will keep. Jack and I are going cycling this summer so a lightweight towel will be very handy, and it will probably also double-up as a picnic blanket and scarf: because when I'm cycling all day and carrying everything I need hygiene gets pushed even further down my list of priorities.PhotobucketA set of shop drawers, for embroidery thread. PhotobucketSome Post Office sacks that have been nicely darned - each patch is joined up by a line of stitching - I guess it's to save cutting the thread and probably also makes the whole thing stronger. The repair would probably have been done by prison inmates. PhotobucketA very handsome belt. PhotobucketFlags ready for the jubilee.PhotobucketAnd my weird buy was this length of bandage - because it has nice stripes on it. Ho-hum.


  1. I adore the named wood bits - simple, functional, perfect.

  2. Yeah, I like them alot-alot.

  3. Love the little wood bits too!