This weeks toot.

Here is this weeks toot, quite a lot of it, I'm selling twice this week so I stocked up real good. Jack came with me and ended up in the car reading his book - I was so determined I wouldn't be dragged away.PhotobucketA little Victorian purse. PhotobucketA toy broom, or as I would call it 'a broom that is the perfect size'. PhotobucketA selection of woody bricky bits for kids, wholesome-like.PhotobucketA proper rucksack.  PhotobucketSome marbled and speckly plastic bits - because I like them. The egg slicer is an early, dense and brittle kind of plastic.PhotobucketThe bowl is a later (maybe sixties) lighter plastic and is transparent in parts. PhotobucketA little drummer-boy outfit. It has the previous owners name inside, the most perfect name for a little drummer-boy: Neville. PhotobucketAnother one of them.PhotobucketSome of these parasols, which I like a lot they're nice cotton with a frill and a long spindly stem. Perfect holiday fodder.
PhotobucketA crystal ball. PhotobucketAnd a box of lead figurines to sort through, and sort through them I did - it was time well spent. PhotobucketPhotobucketSome had moving limbs, like these gents who tap their pipes, whilst taking a sit on almost identical lead benches. PhotobucketAs their almost identical dogs doze nearby. PhotobucketIt was all farm stuff apart from this lone soldier who snuck in. We reckon he probably has shell shock, poor chap.


  1. The pipe tapping bearded fellows are excellent. They look a bit angry with each other, like they're still not speaking to each other after an argument that happened so long ago that neither of them quite remember what it was about, but each is sure that he is the one who was wronged.

  2. Yes! Very good! Or maybe they each resent the other for stealing their look - "Dammit, I started smoking a pipe long before he did, and he's bought the same hat as me"