My pictures from the week.

An advert from a 90s gardening magazine. Phwoar.Photobucket I have a bad habit of ladling water onto the hot plate just to watch it spit and dwindle and send up steam - it also leaves these nice chalky marks.PhotobucketOn Tuesday I sat in the glasshouse at the Horny-man Museum, it was peaceful and warm and bright. The man at the other end of the glasshouse and I studiously ignored each other for at least 45 minutes, can you spot him? PhotobucketI have a new dress with buttons all up the back. I can't get it on or off without Jack's help and I can't decide whether that's alright or not. Whether it's kind of romantic or completely anti-feminist . . . I suspect it's just deeply stupid to own a piece of clothing you could potentially get stuck in.PhotobucketTalking of hazardous frocks: this poor bride is drowning in her own wedding dress. Will anybody save her? PhotobucketIn other news, I have facebook and twitter now.
That's all.


  1. The Horniman,my neck o the woods. Hope you enjoyed seeing the stuffed dogs heads and pickled monkey. :-B

  2. I've a blouse with buttons up the back. D has to help me in and out of it - I quite like that. I agree it is quite an odd thing though and does make you think about strength, reliance, vulnerability and stuff.

  3. Hello you two!

    I did enjoy the horniman very much, and I like that you've made the exhibits sound like a homely dinner David - Stuffed dog head with a side of pickled monkey, delicious.

    And I'm glad to know you own a button-back as well Polly. It does bring up the issue of reliance but in quite a nice, delicate way. It's good to be relied on and it's also nice to know you can rely on your chap - even if it's just to be to undo some buttons before bed.