This weeks toot - baskets and pots.

Essex finds for you -  fifties wicker and plastic basket.PhotobucketThat had a photo of the previous owner still inside, whoever takes it home must live up to her. PhotobucketA brass pineapple pot, or should I say another brass pineapple pot, because I can't seem to resist these when they pop up. PhotobucketIn the pineapple pot was - a tooth. That's strange isn't it? It's also a strange tooth, what animal has a tooth with a root like that? Any ideas? PhotobucketA lot of old German enamel ware. PhotobucketA rattle in the shape of a lady - a lady who repeatedly beats herself on the head in a state of mania and makes a, quite painfully, earsplitting sound . . . a good gift for a child. PhotobucketAnother stonking basket. PhotobucketA box of old threads. I bought these from a couple who had lovely sing-song voices like those folk from the Moon and the Sledgehammer and it reminded me of the interview with Philip Trevelyan I went to. Apparently the two Page sisters from the film spent out the later years of their lives selling antiques at car boot sales - I like that fact: just think of all the characters that are there to be found at boot fairs.PhotobucketI also got these splendid early Romanian vessels. I think they'd be perfect with some big old dried heads of allium in them or maybe some cow parsley. PhotobucketThat's all. I'm going to have to get brave at taking photos at car boot sales because there were some incredible stalls which needed documenting at the last one: a lady selling off her enormous collection of bird houses and a man with a horse-box full of fetish gear.


  1. What good finds you have there! I love the 50's basket, I've had my eyes peeled for one of these at a boot sale for years and still haven't found one. Also rather like that mad lady rattle - could be me on a bad day!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a basket for you. It's always the way: as soon as you really want something you'll never find one at a boot.