I am in Belgium.

I am in Belgium. I have been stalking flea markets in the pouring rain. Drinking all kinds of fancy beer, eating spicy snail broth . . . Photobucket. . . and lots of very fine chocolates. PhotobucketCan you spot the small boy in this photograph?PhotobucketWe've visited a lot of churches, I nearly got locked in one.Photobucket PhotobucketWe drank in a bar where the only other customer was a sleeping gent.PhotobucketAnd most importantly, I gained a lot of new images for the Rank Food Archive. Photobucket


  1. hi, if you're still in Belgium this weekend-there are the fashion shows from the Academies in Antwerp and Brussels. Always nice inspiration! And the best fleamarket I find "Jeu de balle/Vossenplein" in Brussels everyday till 1.30pm. But for sure, you knew that already! Sleeping men in bars is in Belgium common-a little anarchistic country!

  2. Spicy snail broth - I wondered what your first picture was.......'ahhhh' now I know. I think (personally) I would prefer the chocolate though.

    Nina x

  3. Thanks for the tip Andrea, I'm home now unfortunately, bah! I did go to the Jeu de balle one and Waterloo - which I found to be better even though it was raining so much I was soaked through. You're right it is quite an anarchic feeling place, I enjoyed myself a lot.
    Don't worry Nina I also ate a LOT of chocolate, and fancy macaroons and chips.