The week that passed

A successful week I feel. I've discovered Brockwell Lido, it's a joy. I'm a real cold water swimmer, I reckon it's because I'm a bit of a confectionary bee - I buzz from cake shop to bakery storing up all the sweet goodness on my thighs and abdomen - it makes me champion of the cold water. I can just bumble out of the changing rooms in my cossie and swim about for around 45 minutes without getting cold: whilst lithe, muscular people thrash about in full body wetsuits trying to keep warm. Suckers.
Visited Chinatown and went to the best dumpling shop - the one where lady makes them in the window. Go if you're there, it's the green one on the corner.Photobucket The rain filled up my little succulents on the window sill.PhotobucketWent to Lords and watched Oxford play Cambridge. PhotobucketIt was a very British affair, especially as it was rainy, sunny, windy and cold in turns. We went home in our anoraks with sunburnt noses and wind-thrashed cheeks. PhotobucketAnd finally, a funny thing. I wanted to share it and felt I would after reading this . . . here's a photo of me in bed. I woke up real early and was checking my emails. Jack was fast asleep but proceeded to stroke my face - not in a romantic way; in a heavy handed Of Mice and Men type way. Here he is pushing his finger into my eye, then he pushed his fingers into each of my ears and as a finale grabbed my whole face and gave it a good waggle. Hilarious. Photobucket(Maybe you've noticed as well that we don't like our bedsheets too matchy-matchy) Photobucket
And finally, some weeds I pulled up out of the park for my desk.


  1. I love that dumpling shop. They sell all these freaky neon milkshakes in pint glasses with funny black 'paradise balls' of goodness-knows-what in the bottom you suck up with a giant sized straw.
    I love the rainy succulent photo too.

  2. Yes! I didn't indulge in any this time - maybe next time. They are giant tapioca pearls by the way, I know because I was really excited to find them in a shop - when I tried to prepare them at home I succeeded in making some very efficient glue and had to throw the pan away.

  3. Hmm, still not convinced. They still look like shark caviar to me.

  4. That does sound a lot more exciting! Alright, it's a deal, let's never talk of tapioca again