The week that was . . .

Half term is over, the holiday came and went, and now it's just me and Woman's Hour again . . . phew! As much as I love a bit of a change I also love it when things go back to the same: being at home by myself is a ruddy dream. PhotobucketEarlier this week we were at the beach in Dunkirk, climbing pillboxes.PhotobucketIt was actually a little bit warm and we even swam in the sea. PhotobucketNow home, eating pea soup and swimming in nothing but rain. PhotobucketSome little ornaments on Jack's desk - the best duck pencil sharpener, a lucky hag stone and a worry doll made by Rosalie.
Some plants ready for the stall. PhotobucketSpecial socks for Jack found at the market, proper swanky posh, still with the price on . . . they cost a whopping 75 pence back in the day.PhotobucketAnd a bouquet of Sweet Williams for my boy too . . . a nice bunch of Willies. Guffaw, snort, snicker.
I'm on Facebook now, come friend me, it's not that bad actually - though it is the ugliest site in the world.


  1. Lovely little potted plants, I know I wouldn't be able to resist one if I were passing.

  2. Ah Polly, if only the whole world were like you.