The Toot from the week

Toot-tee-toot. All sorts of bits headed to Spitalfields this week.PhotobucketSome Vesta cases, for matches originally but you could hide anything you want in them: paracetamol, aspirin maybe, all kinds of legal drugs.PhotobucketThis one's from the Columbian Fair, which happened in 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of Columbus landing in America. PhotobucketIn a similarly Victorian style: an insurance plate. These would get bolted to the front of your house if you had insurance - so the fire engine knew to put you out if you were ablaze. If you didn't have one you'd just have to wail real loud, maybe the fire engine would come rushing and you'd scream 'HHHEEEELLLP, I'M ON FIRE, AAAAARGGHHH!' and they'd hand you a form to fill in. PhotobucketA nice copper pot, good for a load of thriving succulents I reckon. I'm liking all the warm coloured metals at the moments - the brass and copper. PhotobucketA tiny little toy jug, perfect for tiny flower arrangements. PhotobucketAn Indian necklace. PhotobucketA whole load of childrens' book illustrations by a chap called Basil Reynolds, done around the 1930s. I thought they might be good so I found a specialist and sent them some photos . . . and they said they'd get back to me in a month, yawnsville! I have a sneaking suspicion I'll just flog them before then, I'm not really one for waiting about, but then maybe I'll regret it. Bah.PhotobucketLots of tacky pendants, get your tacky pendants here, high-quality tacky pendants, come and snag one before they fall apart. PhotobucketA Victorian sewing box, seems it's been a bit of a week for Victorian stuff. PhotobucketA tool which is reckoned to be a leather skiver (that Botterman probably knows?). Isn't it a beautiful thing though? The shape is delicious.PhotobucketA Swiss rucksack. PhotobucketA whole collection of enamel pots . . . just to make Marie jealous really .PhotobucketA boater with a nice label inside. PhotobucketAnd a splendid shop cabinet, made from aluminium and glass, with a nice thick layer of paint.PhotobucketI also got a new dress, a factory dress, which I've been doing my pricing in - industrious like.
PhotobucketGood night.


  1. I love the swiss rucksack! It reminds me of my chilchood, and I'm nearly sure, you didn't find it in Switzerland. A lot of nice swiss things I find, since I'm abroad:-)

  2. Ah Andrea, I'm imagining you all Heidi-like, my favourite book when I was little.
    I think you Swiss folk do make especially good souvenirs; they're everywhere, like you say.
    (Also, I like your blog a lot)

  3. Ha Ha Jo. Luuuuv the enamel pots. Might just sneak up to your stall, distract you with a choccy biscuit and a cup of tea and hide them up my jumper!!!!!!!........... This enamel feast has finally spurred me to leave a comment!

  4. I have seen skiving tools like that for leatherwork but I have never used one for shoemaking. It is indeed a beautiful object. Lovely curves.

  5. I especially like the Victorian sewing box and the enamel pots. Lovely!