Uncle Kay

I bought this little wooden rocking horse last year. PhotobucketIt was only a few weeks after my mother had found a very similar one in a charity shop. So we had one each, which saved arguments when it came to playtime, here's a picture of us riding them:PhotobucketTurns out they're actually very rare little Kay Bojesen rocking horses - so funny that two should float into our orbits at around the same time.
PhotobucketKay Bojesen was a Danish designer, working mostly between 1930 and 1952. His most iconic piece is the wooden monkey, that you probably recognise. (These photos are from a book called Dansk Danish Design)PhotobucketBojesen started designing silverware with Georg Jensen but moved to toys, where he is renowned. He felt that every line in a toy must smile, and he succeeded. Holding a Bojesen elephant makes you feel all fidgety inside and childish. Even the most straight-laced, suit wearing nob wouldn't be able to resist a little play: maybe just a small waggle of the trunk or a short trundle along a table top.PhotobucketPhotobucketThe pieces are so smooth and have a bit of weight to them - perfectly pleasing, and ideal for the wudgy little child hands.PhotobucketWell done Mr Bojesen, we'll be adding you to the Toot blog list of Clever Sausages.


  1. That's bonkers to both find one without searching! Well done Jo and Jo's Mum! Love the picture of you riding them together ; )

  2. It was pretty bonkers, that kind of thing seems to happen a lot though.