Rank food

Here at Toot I always try to provide stimulating visuals and small nuggets of attractive art and design, to inspire a reaction and hopefully attracted like-minded people. So now I'd like to present to you a trilogy for your delectation entitled -
The rankest things I ate in 2011
rank food, rank food

rank food nachos, rank food nachos

rank food, rank food
Thank you for your appreciation.


  1. Actually I think the middle one looks delicious...

  2. Mmmmmmmmm it all looks lovely! I bet the shoe took some chewing!

    1. A-ha-ha-ha very drole Mr Window, and Bree you are welcome to dinner at mine anytime.

  3. wow. they could have potential, most of the things i make look atrocious but some taste terrible. What is the top one, please?

  4. Looks a lot like my cooking :)

    And when I asked my sweet daughters to rank my food, most was ranked zero, except for the fries...

    And nowadays it's cold in Holland and we eat SNERT, looking like THIS - you're welcome any time

  5. Snert is a beautifully descriptive word for that dish! Gawd bless you Dutch.
    You guys are hilarious - never had so many comments before. Makes me think I should show you more disgusting stuff . . . but let's not wander down that murky alleyway.
    The top one is cake from a tin - the second is my first attempt at spuds in the wood burner.