You can hardly see the mend.

Some repairs for you . . .
mended plate, mended plate

mended plate stapled, mended plate stapled

riveted porcelain, riveted porcelain

mended wooden bowl, mended wooden bowl

broken glued bowl, broken glued bowl

bowl with rivets, bowl with rivets

jug with rivets, jug with rivets
If you'd like attribute this post some kind of metaphorical meaning as we approach Valentines day please feel free.


  1. I loved this post - so poetic and gorgeous. This takes 'make do and mend' to a whole new creative level.

    The bowl with the ship on it is particularly splendid. The repair work makes it almost a completely different vessel. You can enjoy the craftmanship of the potter and then enjoy the craftmanship of the repair. Double bubble!

    The Antiques Roadshow would definitely not approve, though...

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Broke is indeed more poetic.
    The top bowl you can actually see daylight through, pretty special.

    1. Don't they say "shows signs of restoration" in the antique trade?

  3. In the antique trade when something was cracked 'a/f ' was written on the price tag.
    This stood for 'as found' in genteel shops or 'absolutely ****ed' in the more gung-ho establishments.

  4. I love these staples! Such heartfelt mending. It has reminded me of this scene from the Chinese film The Road Home:

  5. That clip's amazing. Thank you Lady Botterman. Might have to get a hold of the whole film