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I haven't been about for a while - I've been lost in a fog but I've come out the other side with somewhere to live and feeling like I'm finally shifting the old illness. Today I'd like to share with you some beautiful things I've found. I will post them as links because embedding them makes for a funny setup.

Firstly, an incredibly beautiful video of Appalachian clog dancing.

And some of my favourite type of flat foot dancing, the slow and minimal type.

Learn to flat foot yourself with a charming southern gent.

And so very engrossing is the new online Alan Lomax archive. It's not all American but it's all very good, photos, sound recordings, videos. Go and have a noodle about, it made me all excited. I don't have anything profound to say about it - it's just such a treat to absorb the aesthetic and the feel of the times.

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  1. that's great! I love Alan Lomax, his work, fieldrecordings... thanks for sharing!