Making babies

I've been making babies. Not human babies, just plant babies - the sort you can make without having to kiss a boy.
mother of millionsThis plant is called Mother of Millions, isn't it good-looking? It is a prolific reproducer - each of those little points grows a tiny sort of bud which then drops to the ground and makes a new plant.
PhotobucketI've been helping it out by putting the buds into pots - we'll see how they do.
geraniumI've also been taking cuttings from geraniums. When they get all long and leggy you can crop them back real harsh.

taking cuttings
Then I put equal soil and sand in black plastic pots (black is important because it keeps warmer) and poked little holes for the cuttings right up at the edge, where the soil is better drained. I know you're meant to take all the leaves off the stems but I was curious about what would happen if I left some on . . . so I left some on.

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