Fornasetti, designer of dreams

Just a small post about Fornasetti.
Starting with this photo of him looking very Italian . . .
Piero Fornasetti Designer of dreams
Which I got from this splendid book.
Piero Fornasetti
What I most love about Fornasetti is how prolific he was; the endless products and designs and his ability to make anything beautiful. Like these painted stones, so impressive, I shall make sure I paint a stone next time I'm at the seaside.
I'd like to know the amount of variations he made of his classic face image - and how long he took to come up with them and construct them, they were certainly done before the times of Photoshop.
Piero Fornasetti
Some of my favourite work of his involves hands - like this glass.
Piero Fornasetti murano
And these designs that would have gone on a scarf. Which is your favourite one?
Piero Fornasetti hamds
Mine is this one for sure.
Piero Fornasetti hands
My mum is a jammy worm, she owns some really good pieces by Fornasetti, all found real cheap at boot fairs. Like this plate . . .
Piero Fornasetti gold plate
and these coffee cups.
Piero Fornasetti coffee cup
Piero Fornasetti coffee cans
Piero Fornasetti saucer
And this plate.
Piero Fornasetti moon sun plate
Christ, can you believe it? I've been doing the market for nearly two years now, buying every week, racking up at least two hundred boot fairs, markets and shed visits, though most likely more. And how much Fornasetti have I found?
One tiny pepper pot. Bah!
Piero Fornasetti pepper pot
Still, mustn't be bitter . . . mustn't be bitter . . . mustn't be bitter.


  1. I love that design too, but can't help feeling that he looks like a fish out of water.

  2. a Fornasetti fan writes - I have been in and out of the ( lower end) of collecting and trade for 40 years - about 2 years ago I to0 fround a pepper pot quite different, can't track it down... x

    1. Oh really, that's interesting - his stuff is quite well documented. Congratulations on your pepper pot anyway