Finally buying has picked up again after the dearth that is Christmas and New Year. I bought a lot of exciting things yesterday but today I am just sharing with you the smallest most insignificant things I bought because I think they're wonderful:
fake flower stamen
That's right: it's a load of old stamen. These are my favourites from a box. They're for using in cake decorating and for making fake flowers. I like the little bundles and the blobbiness and the colour combinations . . .

yellow stamen

pink stamen



I will keep them and maybe one day make photograms or cyanotypes with them.
While we're looking at nice shapes, here are some tools my Dad made: he's off, with my brother and a motley crew, to take part in some Swiss snow sculpting championship. Maybe you would be kind enough to root for them a little, or cross some digits.
snow sculpting tools
Lastly, thank you everyone who has given me feedback about the blog recently, I've made some changes - links don't open in a new page now and you should also be able to leave comments without being a signed up blogger droid. I really appreciate knowing what things you think could be better.
I hope you have a lovely weekend, I'm off now: that Saturday Guardian isn't going to read itself.


  1. Hi Jo, I love the little bundles of stamen - wonderful. As is your blog, I haven't known of it for long but now I've found it I'll be a regular I'm sure. I've just picked you out as one of my favourites. Pop over to my blog and have a look. Polly : ) P.S. I managed to peel my orange to make a lantern with wick and all but I can't get it to light, I think I need to have another go! Good job I'm so fond of oranges!

  2. Hello Polly,
    I did have a look at your blog, very good, worth a follow. Good luck with that lantern! Clementines with loose skin are easiest, hope you don't hate me too much if it doesn't work.

  3. these are so beautiful i don`t have words. i`ve never seen them before. the colours (and i`m sure the texture of bundles of stamen) are absolutely gorgeous : )