Thread book

I was given this varnished paper folder when I was a child, and last week I found it again amongst a pile of old stuff.
miao dong tread book, miao dong tread book
It's a beautiful and slightly tattered thing, when you open it there are many origami type pouches inside.
folded paper sewing, folded paper sewing kit
Each has a little scrap of something sewing-ish in it.
folded paper sewing kit, folded paper sewing kit
It has a funny effect on me,  the same effect the drawers and cupboards in a hotel room have - I absolutely have to look inside every single one . . . 
origami emroidery book, origami emroidery book
 . . . then I look in every single one again.
origami emroidery book, origami emroidery book
There's also this section for keeping threads organised.
miao thread, miao thread book
And three little drawers that have been rendered useless by the age and general disrepair of the booklet.
dong thread, dong thread book
A little research on the interweb revealed that it is a Chinese thread book, either Miao or Dong but I'm yet to ascertain which. I think mine it is twentieth century; judging by the fittings and fixtures. It has some sewing bits in it but I don't think it's been used much as it's crisp, a lot of examples I've found have a lovely worn look, like a pair of loved shoes.
paper sewing kit, paper sewing kit
I found these last two pictures at, also a good find - it's densely packed with info, overwhelming in parts, but there are a lot of beautiful things to be found - like this thread booklet, whose pockets are made of cigarette packets decorated with paper and foil. Envious.
paper sewing kit, paper sewing kit
I imagined I might try and fold my own booklet I know a few bits of origami after all: I couldn't even make something resembling a pocket. Today I will be mostly dreaming about going to China to learn to fold such a thing.


  1. i think there is a reason to everything. why you like old stuff so much, why i never feel safe if not surrounded by books... it must be childhood. the answer : )

  2. beautiful! I have never seen something like that!

  3. nice origami! and what a colors! i really like your blog.
    I will mention it on mine,
    I hope you like my website
    If you do, please put me on your list as well. :)

    gonna make some new origami ass well??


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