January toot.

This week there's been some mean toot action. I've been visiting my folks for doing the drawing class and buying toot in the countryside - where it is bountiful.
60s shopping bags, 60s shopping bags
Some Sixties shopping bags in pink and purple which are normally colours I can't like but in these combinations I really like them.
fish moulds, fish moulds
Fish shaped moulds.
dried puffer fish blowfish, dried puffer fish blowfish
And, continuing on the fishy theme, this dried puffer . . . beautiful, and a little painful to handle. Heaven knows why I wanted it, but I did.
dried puffer fish blowfish, dried puffer fish blowfish
Probably it's joyous grin seduced me. Cheered me up in the cold of the early morning. I think I shall add some googly eyes to complete it.
fox tail, fox tail
Dad, upon seeing it, decided it was a good time to share disgusting possession confessions - here he is with his foxes tail. Very good.
1850 staffordshire mug, 1850 staffordshire mug
Back to more decorous objects, this mug is 1850 or there about, probably Staffordshire. With a truly amateur mend to the handle.
1850 staffordshire mug, 1850 staffordshire mug
I love how o.t.t. the decoration is, busy and bold and colourful, I also like that the 'chinese' people on it look a little more like a pair of shifty interlopers from Staffordshire.
needle, needle book
A small needle case found in a basket after I bought it - score.
tiny picture frame, tiny picture frame
The worlds smallest picture frame. I'm yet to find the worlds smallest picture but when I do I'll pop it in there.
50s baskets, 50s baskets
A whole gang of fifties baskets.
spiky coral, spiky coral
And some pieces of handsome coral.
Coral, coral
Very beautiful.
It's February soon and the January fug shall be over, until then if you need a bit of a tickle I'd recommend Kemp Folds.


  1. love the bags in the first photo!

  2. Finding toot is the one of the greatest pleasures in life. I love the picture frame, puffa and baskets. My best recent find was a perfectly functioning push lawnmower for £5.

    1. Good one with the ol' lawnmower. You're right about toot, and selling it is also good because you can buy until your hearts content without the risk of one day being found dead under a pile of it.

  3. Lovely baskets, especially the one on the right.